FaaSForms FAQ

What is FaaSForms?

  • FaaS stands for “Forms as a Service,” akin to SaaS, but specific to forms, templates, contracts and other document assets.
  • FaaSForms enables faster and easier preparation and management of your organization’s document assets, freeing up time and money for other value-added activities.
  • FaaSForms is provided in a scalable and secure cloud-based architecture.

What are the key benefits of FaaSForms?

  • FaaSForms allows an organization to consolidate existing assets into a much smaller and more manageable population of documents that incorporate all of the relevant business and conditional logic.
  • FaaSForms allows for the creation of reusable, Smart Modules which contain content and/or logic elements that can be applied across multiple documents but managed as one instance.
  • FaaSForms automates the document assembly process, which is particularly beneficial for complex documents that incorporate data and business rules from multiple sources.
  • Because FaaSForms is hosted in the cloud, this is a turn-key service including all licensing, software, hardware, hosting, operations, and management costs.

Can you further describe this "Smart Module" functionality?

  • “Smart Modules” are the reusable content components that can be applied across multiple documents. Content that is tagged as a “smart module” can be updated in one place and propagated out across every document where that content is being used, greatly increasing consistency and standards while reducing operations and maintenance time and cost.

What are the pricing models for the FaaSForms service?

  • We offer a cloud-hosted subscription model:
    • There is a start-up cost to get your environment set up, security established, up to five simple documents converted, and the system enabled for your use.
    • There is a monthly fee that covers hosting, managing and updating your document portfolio.
    • There is a monthly transaction-based cost that varies depending upon usage.
    • Conversion costs of subsequent templates depend on the complexity of the template and the associated time required to complete the conversion (one-time cost).
  • We also offer an on-premise enterprise model:
    • This premium option allows for the most flexibility in terms of the feature set and integration with authoritative databases, rules engines, workflow services and other repositories, providing maximum overall value.

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Is FaaSForms approved for government use and, if so, who is already using it?

  • Yes.  A variant of this solution has been in Production use at USDA for approximately 5 years.
  • We are currently implementing a cloud-based solution for FDA that should receive an authority to operate (ATO) in 2014.
  • We are in talks with multiple other state and federal agencies interested in implementing the product.
  • This product is heavily used in the commercial sector on a global basis across multiple industries.

Is FaaSForms available in an ATO'd environment?

  • Yes. A variant of this solution is already deployed in full Production within USDA’s environment hosted at their NITC (National Information Technology Center).
  • We are currently working through the C&A/ATO process with the FDA as well.
  • We are working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to have FaaSForms enabled within their FedRAMP accredited environment.
  • We are also working with a government hosting provider to host the service on a cross-agency platform with a fully ATO’d environment.
  • Depending on the size and nature of a given client’s needs, an ATO may not be necessary. If an ATO is indeed necessary, we can always proceed with a “beta” platform for proof-of-concept purposes prior to putting a solution into an ATO’d Production environment.

Can FaaSForms integrate with my existing infrastructure?

  • Yes. The cloud-based FaaSForms solution is accessible via any industry-standard browser.
  • Our cloud platform resides in a government-approved and accredited environment, and should thus be appropriate for most government needs.
  • Our on-premise solution can reside on most modern platforms (Windows, Unix, etc.)  The application is Java-based and is highly agnostic to most common infrastructure configurations (e.g., works with all major app servers, web servers, database servers)

Can it integrate with my existing software products?

  • Yes. FaaSForms has a full API to integrate with your existing software assets.
  • FaaSForms' document assembly engine can interact with external systems to retrieve data through multiple mechanisms, including a URL-based load, web-based service access, SOAP web service, database or external system queries from the document and through a Java API.

How long would it take to convert my templates into this tool?

  • In our cloud-based solution, there's an approximate two to three week turnaround between contract signature until you're up and running with your initial set of converted documents.
  • Conversion costs of subsequent documents depends on the complexity of the document and the associated time required to complete the conversion. We estimate the conversion time for each existing asset into a Smart Template to range from hours to weeks. Details provided upon request.

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