How It Works

Gather Documents


You identify, gather and provide all of your document assets to the FaaSForms team, including all of the variable and conditional information that the FaaSForms Engine will apply as it prepares the document.

Convert Documents to the Cloud


The FaaSForms Team analyzes and converts each document into the cloud-based FaaSForms system. All of the identified variables, conditions, styles, and other business rules are applied, resulting in a “Smart Template” that is ready for use.

Use FaaSForms Smart Templates


When a document need arises, the end user simply selects the appropriate Smart Template and the FaaSForms web-site provides all of the information that will be required in the finished document. The output, in MS Word, RTF, PDF or XML format, is ready for use!

Optionally, during Step 3, there are additional items that can become part of this process, such as pre-filling of data from external systems/databases, workflows and integration with any post creation processes already existing in a client’s environment.