A low-risk option to introduce you to FaaSForms and the power behind intelligently administrated form and template management.


This basic FaaSForms option supports the ability to leverage the full power and cost savings of a shared service in the cloud with the ability to create compliant records with basic online forms.


Building off the Shared Cloud model, this enhanced FaaSForms option provides additional value through a tailored customization of the service, powerful integration possibilities, and the ability to support several licensing options.


This enterprise-level FaaSForms option allows for the most flexibility in terms of the functional feature set and integration with authoritative databases, rules engines, workflow services and other repositories.

Service Models
  Starter Pack Shared Cloud Unique Cloud Client-Hosted
Feature Set Out-of-the-Box Out-of-the-Box Tailored Custom
Licensing* Up to 5 Forms Transaction-Based User-Based Enterprise
Hosting MindPetal Cloud MindPetal Cloud MindPetal Cloud Client Service Center
* With the exception of the Starter Pack, Licensing Models are not restricted to the Hosting models as indicated above.